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The horrors of war suddenly make their way into the lives of seemingly untouchable, ordinary people as their hotel room is struck by a mortar shell. Can the spring rain wash away the atrocities of men and make their lives pure again? 

Moral codes are blown away as violator becomes violated and power becomes vulnerability in this award-winning tour de force by one of Britain’s most celebrated modern playwrights. 

Mental Eclipse Theater House welcomes director Tom Crawley and executive producer Joanna Godwin-Seidl for this coproduction with Vienna theatre project. Dave Moskin will be portraying insensitive journalist Ian in the hotel room with Cate, played by Tamalynne Grant. Jason Cloud will get his hands dirty in the role of the soldier. 

Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2010.
The New York Times:
“Plays don’t come any darker or harsher than the astounding drama.”

The Guardian:
“…utterly compelling.”

“For all its jolting violence, this is a play touched with a terrible tenderness.”

The Conversation:
“…the emotional journey of a bully who learns to be grateful for small acts of kindness.”

Veranstalter: Mental Eclipse Theater House


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